As owner and primary pilot, I've been involved in RC aircraft flying for nearly ten years. I began, unknowingly, in the deep end of the pool with collective pitch helicopters (boy was that a steep learning curve) and 3D stunt flying. Flying anything after that was easy, as I moved to fixed wing aircraft, very fast fixed wings, and eventually building and flying race drones. I'm college educated in photography and have been shooting/editing video for nearly 15 years.

In 2016 after moving to the Denver area, I decided to combine my love of flying, my education in photography, and my professional background in operations management and business analysis - thus began this venture.  I founded Adventure UAV on the belief that drone services not only could be made affordable, but should be made affordable in order to tap into wider markets. Currently untapped markets of businesses and individuals unaware of the benefits of drones are the largest industry opportunity in the coming years. Too often drone operations lean toward the use of unnecessarily complex and expensive equipment without thought for the task at hand, purely to drive up profit margins - pricing out many potential clients. I believe in utilizing the right tool for each job to keep operational costs down and keep our services affordable.

We also love getting out into the mountains! Making a video of your backcountry ski/board lines and want those heli style shots without paying a fortune for a helicopter? We'll hike out there with you. Have a remote cabin or yurt for rent and want some aerial photos for better perspective in your listing advertisements? We're there. Need professional looking aerial photography or video to promote your outdoor events, group climbs, backpacking trips, etc.? We'll go with you.

We are based in Lakewood Colorado, are FAA Part 107 certified, liability insured to $1mil, and hold airspace authorizations for Colorado Springs, DIA, Centennial, Rocky Mountain regional, Buckley AFB, and Fort Collins/Loveland.

You can keep up-to-date with us on our Instagram feed below!

- Tyler and Jess