Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Aerial photos

Drone based aerial photography allows the complete capture of larger properties and their surroundings that was once only possible with far more expensive manned aircraft photography. Elevated panoramas for perspective, downward shots for property layout/traffic flow visuals, and aerial time-lapses are unique views only drones can provide.

All of our commercial real estate shoots include unlimited image usage rights. Basic image editing (lighting, color correction, etc.) is included as well, but we're also happy to provide raw images for a reduced price. We also offer ground photography, with or without aerial photography included.

We work closely with many lease management and commercial real estate sales firms around the Denver area. We understand that fast turn-around matters when a new listing or bid is in the works. Our real estate bookings are typically a max of 2-3 days out, with standard edited image turn-around time at less than 24hrs from the shoot.


Please click on the below gallery links to see examples of our past real estate work, both commercial and residential.


Virtual Reality Panorama

VR (or 360 degree) panoramas allow clients to quite literally "look around" a property and surrounding development, easily showcasing property access, adjacent businesses, traffic flow - all from within your online listing. These files also make excellent, realistic background images for architectural renders.

VR Panos for real estate listings also include hosting on our reliable Amazon S3 server for the life of the listing. The panoramas are easily added to your website using an HTML iframe and can be viewed on any modern web browser or mobile device.


High Resolution 3D Model

3D models are more specific to the property itself than VR panoramas. Whereas the panorama allows viewing of a wide area from a fixed perspective, 3D models offer the ability to "walk around" the property and view it from any side, at any height. Like the VR panoramas, 3D models are also hosted remotely and can be added to your website via an HTML iframe. They are compatible with any modern web browser, but due to intense resource requirements they may not be mobile device or older computer friendly.

Due to the resource requirements, please click the link below to open the interactive 3D model in its own window.


Vacant Land and Ranches

Aerial and Ground Photos

As with commercial property, aerial photography allows for a perspective that will do your vacant lot or ranch proper justice - drones get it done at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter photographer. Since central Colorado is prime vacant lot flipping territory, we also offer ground-based photography and land scouting to cover all the needs of out-of-state land investors in a single trip.

Please click the link below to see some examples from our past vacant land projects.


Virtual Reality Panoramas

The same VR panos used for commercial real estate can be used to even greater effect to allow potential buyers to "visit" a remote piece of land and take in its full offering of expansive views. VR panos can be shot at custom heights and in precise spots on the land to simulate views from first, second, etc. stories of potential homes.


Bird's Eye Property Line Visuals

Drone based overhead shots offer over 10x the resolution of Google satellite imagery and can be shot in your desired perspective (straight down or oblique). Images are easily marked for quick visualization of property lines, potential home sites, existing utility placements, etc. 

land photo with drone

Land Tours

Aerial video tours of vacant land offer unprecedented capture of scenic views and give much needed perspective to larger pieces of property. Video edits can be customized and captioned to call out points of interest, highlight keys facts about the property, and include agent/organization branding.