The aerial video equipment our drones are equiped with is capable of up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution at 60fps and supports shooting in the newest H.265 compression standard for better color depth and quality while maintaining realistic bit rates for playback.

A decade of flying skill development allows us to capture smooth shots, free of the jerking, bobbing, and abrupt starts/stops all too common in many pilot's videos. Video editing is done in Adobe Premiere Pro and Black Magic's DaVinci Resolve. Provided music is properly licensed and legal for you to use commercially.

Are you a marketing department, video production company, or other entity that would prefer doing your own editing? Not a problem! Unlike most other drone service providers, we have no problem shooting and providing raw footage for you to use however you see fit. We also do not charge any additional copyright licensing fees for raw footage - what we quote to fly the job is what you pay for the delivered footage, period.


Demonstrating the backcountry portability of the Mavic Pro and the effectiveness of Polar Pro Cinema series PL/ND filters in bright light and cold temperatures with plenty of snow glare. This video was shot at both Mayflower Gulch in Leadville, CO and Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO.

Commercial real estate naturally lends itself to drone footage. Aerial video can showcase to customers what ground-based video never could: surrounding residential density, layout of adjacent commercial properties, traffic flow patterns, traffic volume, etc.

Yes, we will actually shoot residential real estate when it makes marketing sense to do so. This property is the perfect example of one which benefits greatly from drone footage.

Short montage of footage from a wheat harvest shoot in Byers Colorado.  

Non-colorgraded, raw, sunset footage from the Phantom 4 Pro shot in 2.7K, showing off the high dynamic range of the Pro's new 1" sensor. This video was shot at Stone House Park in Lakewood, CO.


A compilation of a weekend's worth of footage from the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro, scaled down to 1080p. This eclectic video contains scenes from Woodland Park, CO, Jones Pass, and Mt. Evans,