Our flying and filming skills have been developed over 10+ years, working with names as large as the Discover Channel, to bring you top-notch video capture, whatever your application may be. 

Our expertise allows us to film smooth shots, free of the jerking, bobbing, and abrupt starts/stops all too common in many drone videos. Because of our ability to fly creatively with smoothness, we specialize in complex camera movement, single-take shots that add a "wow" factor not seen in typical drone video - some of which are demonstrated below.

The camera hardware our drones are equipped with is capable of up to 5.2K Ultra-HD at 30fps, 4K Ultra-HD at 60fps, and slow-motion frame rates of up to 120fps in Full-HD. Are you a studio looking for more post-processing latitude than typical H.264 drone video provides? If so, we offer footage in both ProRes 422HQ and, for the most demanding needs, 12bit ProRes 4444XQ. Our aerial filming gear is scalable to fit your application and budget. From the Phantom 4 Pro to the Inspire 2 with X5S camera and an array of high-quality Olympus lenses, we have you covered whether you're filming your child's sports game or the next hit TV series.

Need ground video as well? No problem! From corporate interviews to real estate walk-throughs to weddings to indie films, we have a broad range of traditional videography experience.

All edited videos include music tracks that are properly licensed and legal for you to use commercially.

Are you a marketing department, production company, or other third-party entity that is looking only for raw footage capture? We’re happy to provide raw footage for you to use however you see fit. After years of working with production companies, we also understand the wants and needs of your editors and color graders. We do everything in our power to ensure easy to work with footage that provides maximum editing latitude.



Drone wedding footage done right: venue B-roll, scenery, and posed shots. We know when and, most importantly, when not to use drones during a wedding. We specialize in working with the existing videographer or third-party studios to add drone shots to their wedding footage. This edit is a short compilation of shots from our 2018 wedding season.

This drone-only footage is a rough cut of a larger project for Denver City Studios (still in production) which includes ground video as well. We made this quick edit to get the footage out on our social media while the full edit is being wrapped up.

Shot in 4K and output in 2K, this edit was put together as a demo of B-roll shots recorded for a full-length wedding video created by a third-party production company. Due to YouTube's quality degredation, this video is best viewed at manually selected 1440p quality.

A 2019 fresh remake of our just-for-fun cinematic video demonstrating the effectiveness of Polar Pro Cinema series ND filters and proper exposure technique in extreme bright light and cold temperatures with plenty of snow glare - no stutter, flicker, or rolling shutter effect that’s all too common in brightly lit drone video.

Another non-drone video project. We cut this highlight reel out of over three hours of footage shot for producer Raines Video to create a documentary-style high school reunion DVD.

There is more to drone shots than flying straight forwards and backwards! This demo clip shows some complex camera movements that allow us to provide you with more dramatic, cinematic shots.

Shot for the “Show Her Off” country dance YouTube channel, this full length music video showcases our ability to capture cinematic video from the air and on the ground, then seamlessly integrate the two.

A bit on the longer side, this edit is comprised of two single-take, complex movement clips which combine push ins, pull backs, orbits, pans, diagonal flying, locked off "tripod" captures, and gimbal tilts all in a single, uninterrupted shot. It also showcases the proper use of shooting in 4K: adding zooms and artificial movement in post-production without image quality loss.

A short, single shot edit demonstrating the use of 4K footage for simulated zoom and dolly zoom effects, while tracking a moving vehicle.

One of our non-drone video projects. This highlight reel was assembled from clips filmed for Disrupt Gaming’s PC building tutorial and presented the fun challenge of lighting extremely small and tight spaces with many reflective surfaces.

One of our oldest (and longest) videos - A compilation of a weekend's worth of footage from the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro, scaled down to 1080p. This eclectic video makes heavy use of moving object motion tracking.


Marketing/Real Estate

A fast-paced, high energy edit intended to hold the short attention spans of today’s viewers. This video makes use of the Inspire’s interchangeable lens to provide both expansive wide-angle imagery and tight focused imagery to enhance the messaging to the viewer and direct their attention.

Marketing video for an underground parking garage in downtown Denver. This edit utilizes tracked motion graphics to show our customer's client information about the neighborhood.

Yes, we will shoot residential real estate when it makes marketing sense to do so. This expansive ranch property for sale in Colorado Springs is the perfect example of one which benefits greatly from drone footage.

Edited specifically for our customer's Instagram page, this video was a challenge to include all relevant shots that would make an impression with their potential clients in only 59 seconds. Take note of the extreme wind, in which we were still able to obtain smooth shots.

This marketing video made use of the Inspire 2’s ability to utilize various focal length lenses, allowing for unique looks among typical wide-angle drone videos, and also pulling the mountain background closer. We were also able to incorporate the client’s own interior footage and photos into the video edit.

This marketing video was created to showcase the neighborhood around a new apartment complex in downtown Parker. Like the Writers Square marketing video, it utilizes the expansive view provided by drone video combined with motion graphics to highlight points of interest to the viewer.

Commercial real estate naturally lends itself to drone footage. Aerial video can showcase to customers what ground-based video never could: surrounding residential density, layout of adjacent commercial properties, traffic flow patterns, traffic volume, etc. This video makes impactful use of an aerial time-lapse to draw attention to traffic volume.

Our unbranded edit of raw footage captured for a marketing agency, who was using it to make a promo piece for the roofing contractor.

Utilizing our 107.29 night operation waiver, we were able to capture this before/after footage of an LED lighting installation at a large commercial plaza.


Third-party projects

Produced for The Home Depot Foundation by PullSpark, to be shown at the Tunnel of Towers Foundation Gala, we’re proud to have been a part of this production which was filmed locally in Silverthorne, CO.

In this case, our client Sol had their own internal video production team and only needed a skilled videographer to capture great raw footage. We were happy to help!

We’re often asked whether we travel outside of Colorado to film. The answer is, yes! We shot both drone and ground video for this wedding at the incredible Park Chateau in East Brunswick, NJ for Adagion Studio, one America’s top ten wedding photographers.

Our first of many wedding shoots with producer Denver City Studios, who now uses our drone services exclusively.

One of multiple versions of an Alzheimer’s Association nationwide fundraising ad featuring our drone footage. Directed and produced by Lemonlight.

Our first wedding shoot with Laurel Wedding Films. Perched on a hidden hill in Ken Caryl, The Manor House was an excellent venue to utilize drone footage at.

Our highest profile project to date. We provided aerial filming, drone-based photogrammetry mapping, and owner Tyler even made a guest appearance on this Discovery Channel investigative series.

Using our Centennial Class C airspace authorization, this video was flown in conjunction with and produced by Elevated Ltd for Hillen Corporation. It not only required navigating restricted airspace only one mile from a busy runway, but also maintaining safety with two drones flying simultaneously in close proximity to a blast zone.

Vector Property Services is another client with an internal video production team that simply needed quality footage capture. They also directed the shoot on-site. We battled some strong winds and challenging lighting to get all the shots they needed.

Drone footage is a must-have for any mountain wedding - and we provided it for this beautifully done video set at A-Basin ski resort. Edit by Reagan Lynn Films.

Another of our many wedding shoots with Denver City Stuidos - this time at the gorgeous Chateaux Fox Meadows

Still in production, The Iridescent is company owner Tyler’s first feature length film serving as director of photography and 1st camera.

The popular local YouTube channel Show Her Off Country Dance needed not only drone video, but ground cinematography as well. Thankfully, we do both. This is one of their many edits that have made use of our raw footage.