Safer, faster, cheaper. Keep employees out of dangerous places, avoid costly equipment rentals, save hours of time and get actionable information sooner with drone based aerial inspections.

We use the right equipment for each job. The compact Phantom platform allows for access to the tight confines of residential and urban properties, while our Inspire 2 can be equipped with up to a 90mm equivalent zoom lens to capture cell towers and wind turbines from a safe distance.  Both platforms generate highly detailed 20MP images.

We provide inspection and condition documentation services for residential roofs, gutters, cell towers, commercial HVAC/roofing, and more. Our extensive flying experience allows us to get closer to your target with superior safety.


Given the prevalence of hail storms and their resulting damage in the Colorado Front Range, residential and commercial roof inspections by drone are our most popular inspection service. However, homeowners and roofing contractors who are new to drone inspections are often skeptical of whether a truly accurate assessment of hail damage can be made - is hail damage readily visible from drone photos? See for yourself...

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