New Year updates!

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Happy 2018! 

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday! 2017 was a very successful year for us. We couldn't be any happier with all the new customer relationships we formed over the course of the year and are looking forward to continuing our partnerships with these businesses throughout 2018 and beyond. We've positioned ourselves for continued grow in the new year and are excited for a great 2018 - we hope you are as well. 

First thing's first... as mentioned in a prior post, we recently worked on the set of a new Discovery Channel series that was filming in Colorado Springs. The show has finally aired so we're able to give you more info. Our work will be featured on next week's episode (#2 - airing Tuesday the 9th at 8pm MST). We worked on the show in multiple capacities: as a drone survey consultant helping the investigators locate a point of interest to their investigation, filming both main and B-roll footage (some of the coolest of which was a few drone to drone shots), and even making an appearance on the show. Discovery's page for the show can be found here:

Things haven't slowed down for the winter as anticipated. In fact, we've been busier than ever. The below photo is from the new REI store in Greenwood Village, which we shot for the contractor that installed the roof. It's a great looking building and one of my favorite shots from our jobs over the holidays.


In spite of Denver's major hail storm now being eight months in the history books, we're still conducting roof inspections for hail damage several days per week. While it's been great for business, the extent of the damage from that storm is shocking.


Commercial Properties remain our main focus, whether it be for lease management, sales, construction, or roofing. The low-angle, glaring, midday winter sunlight has been a significant challenge in both photo and video, and while we have the necessary tools and experience to largely mitigate the issue, clients are still advised to take it into consideration when requesting specific shoot times and days. Technical challenges like these are just one of many reasons to avoid using the services of inexperienced drone service providers. 

As always, the best way to keep up with our latest projects, interact with us, and see some occasional fun shots is on our social media accounts. Have a great 2018!

Creative Customer Requests

Part of being a photographer (whether on the ground or in the air) is being creative and showing your subject in its best light. We think we do a great job being creative, but after a year in business we've found that some of the most interesting creativity we've encountered actually comes from our customers' ideas for how to use a drone. As this year comes to a close, we decided to reflect on and share with you some of our favorite, creative requests from customers - which will hopefully inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to utilizing drone services too!


Solar Eclipse day at Kunsmiller school: It's not too surprising that a creative arts school would come up with an original idea to document their students watching the eclipse this past August. We thought we would just be shooting video and photos of the students in the field as they watched the eclipse. But the school surprised us by having the students stand in the formation of the school's logo which made for some amazingly unique shots

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Painting at Daniel's Park: Bob Ross was obviously pro enough to have his own TV show, but that doesn't mean other painters can't get in on the video action. For this shoot we met our lovely painter at (almost) Daniel's Park (drone use within Daniel's Park isn't allowed), a park in Douglas County that is situated on a plateau with gorgeous views of the Front Range mountains. She set up her easel facing the mountains and began to paint as we flew overhead and captured the process in real time, resulting in the painted mountains coming to life right before the viewers eyes. 

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To build or not to build: Ever wonder what your window view would be like if your home had a second or third story? Yeah, we never really thought about that either, but our customer did! He wanted to know what views he would see out of his windows if he added a second story to his home. Thanks to accurate altitude measurement and live video feed from the drone, we were able to show him exactly what his view would be, 360 degrees around, if he did in fact add on another story. Side note: since this original job, this has become very popular with architects and developers as a fast, accurate, and cheap way to both understand for planning and to render for marketing views for future developments.

Recreating the past: Twenty years ago a picture of our customers' home was captured by a photographer in a helicopter. They loved the picture and bought a copy from the photographer. They had it enlarged and framed, and proudly displayed for years, but as time went on they made many improvements and changes to their property that the photograph no longer represented. For an anniversary gift, the couples' son hired us to recreate their beloved picture. Not only were we able to quickly and easily recreate it without the noise, hassle, and expense of a helicopter, we were also able to shoot from some new angles and even record a video that the owners could use should they decide to sell in the future. We enjoyed this job not just because of the creativity of the customers, but because of how well it demonstrated the technological advances that have changed the world over the past twenty years - some of which are what allow our industry to exist today.

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Have your own ideas for creative drone uses? Share them with us in the comments or contact us to discuss how we can help you accomplish them!