Why suffer the risk of sending a human into dangerous places or the expense of renting lift equipment when a drone can do it instead? High quality 20MP still photos offer incredible detail that allow your inspectors and adjusters to stay safely on the ground, back at the office rather than running to sites all over town, and up and down roofs. 

Our drones can provide inspection solutions for roofs, gutters, cell towers, hail damage, insurance claims, and accident scenes. Ten years of flying experience allows us to get closer to your target with superior safety.


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Given the prevalence of hail storms and their resulting damage in the Colorado Front Range, residential and commercial roof inspections by drone are our most popular inspection service. However, homeowners and roofing contractors who are new to drone inspections are often skeptical of whether a truly accurate assessment of hail damage can be made - is hail damage readily visible from drone photos? See for yourself...

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